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  • Posted by : `ﻮíק Jan 31, 2015

    大逃殺831八三夭 大逃殺831八三夭
    Album: 大逃杀 / The Great Escape
    Artist: 八三夭 831
    Release Date: 2014-11-28
    Language: Mandarin
    Genre: Mandopop, Rock
    曲目 / Tracklist:
    01. 大逃殺 | Da Tao Sha | The Runaway
    02. 無誠勿愛 | Wu Cheng Wu Ai | No Sincerity No Love
    03. 水星逆行 | Shui Xing Ni Xing | Mercury Retrograde
    04. 怪物 | Guai Wu | Monster
    05. 我怎麼哭了 | Wo Zen Me Ku Le | Why I Cried
    06. 熊麻吉 (feat. 卓文萱/林凡/孙盛希) | Xiong Ma Ji (feat. Genie Chuo/Freya Lim/Shi Shi)
    07. 搖勒搖勒 | Yao Lei Yao Lei | Yoleh
    08. 鋼鐵人 | Gang Tie Ren | Iron Man
    09. 超級偶像 | Chao Ji Ou Xiang | Super Idol
    10. The Great Escape | The Great Escape
    11. 老教室 | Lao Jiao Shi | Old Classroom

    Download Link
    Mp3 320kb
    Pass unzip: giponewing
    MEGA \'.G.'/ DGoogle \'.G.'/ Rockfile

    八三夭 831 【我怎麼哭了 Why I Cried】Official Music Video HD Protection Status
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