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  • Posted by : `ﻮíק Feb 23, 2015

    Lovelyz 'GIRLS' INVASION' Album Preview

    Girls' Invasion (First Album) - Lovelyz(러블리즈)
    Artist: Lovelyz(러블리즈)
    Album: Girls' Invasion (First Album)
    Genre: Dance, Kpop
    Release Date: 2014.11.17
    Language: Korean
    01. Introducing The Candy
    02. Candy Jelly Love
    03. 어제처럼 굿나잇 / Good Night Like Yesterday
    04. 이별 Chapter 1 / Good-bye Chapter 1
    05. 비밀여행 / Getaway
    06. 남보다 못한 사이 (Feat.휘성) (Babysoul Solo)/ Stranger (feat. Wheesung)(Babysoul Solo)
    07. 그녀는 바람둥이야 (Feat. 동우 of 인피니트) (Babysoul&Kei) / She's a Flirt (feat. DongWoo)(Babysoul&Kei)
    08. Delight (Yoo Ji-Ae Solo)
    09. 너만 없다 (JIN Solo) / Gone (JIN Solo Version)

    Download Link
    Mp3 320kb
    Pass unzip: giponewing
    MEGA \'.G.'/ DGoogle \'.G.'/ Mirror1

    Lovelyz "어제처럼 굿나잇" Official MV
    [MV] Lovelyz(러블리즈) _ Candy Jelly Love Protection Status
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