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  • Posted by : `ﻮíק Mar 18, 2015

    我想和你虛度時光 - 程璧 Cheng Bi
    Artist: 程璧 Cheng Bi
    Album: 我想和你虛度時光
    Release Date: 2015-03-13
    Genre: Ballad
    Language: Mandarin
    曲目 / Tracklist
    01.給少年的歌 | Gei shao nian de ge
    02.春分的夜 | Chun fen de ye
    03.我的家門口 | Wo de jia men kou
    04.沖繩民謠 | Chong sheng min yao
    05.梅雨 | Mei yu
    06.我想和你虛度時光 (Feat. 莫西子詩) | Wo xiang he ni xu du shi guang (Feat. Mo Xi Zi Shi)
    07.一束 | Yi shu
    08.戀戀風塵 | Lian lian feng chen
    09.我喜愛一切不徹底的事物 | Wo xi ai yi qie bu che di de shi wu

    Download Link
    Mp3 320kb
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