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  • Posted by : `ﻮíק Jun 16, 2015

    [Album] 你讓幸福簡單了/ You Make Me Simple - 陳彥彤Cindy Chen
    Artist: 陳彥彤Cindy Chen
    Title: 你讓幸福簡單了/ You Make Me Simple
    Release Date: 2015-06-03
    Genre: Mandopop
    Label: Hove Entertainment 禾廣音樂
    Language: Mandarin

    # Title
    1. 野馬 The Wild Horse in My Heart
    2. 愛的光芒 Because of You
    3. 花非花 Floral Illusions
    4. 你讓幸福簡單了 You Make Me Simple
    5. 熒光碎 Shattered Fluorescence
    6. 求禪 Seeking Zen
    7. 聽見台灣 From Formosa
    8. 別怕我對你好 Baby Don't Be Afraid
    9. 偶然 Next Stop
    10. 嵐與帆 Wind and Sail

    Download Link
    Mp3 192kb
    73 MB.rar
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