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  • Posted by : `ﻮíק Oct 12, 2015

    [Album] 原汁原味 - 群星
    Artist: 群星
    Title: 原汁原味
    Release Date: 2015-09-16
    Genre: Cpop
    Language: Cantonese/English/demo

    # Title
    1. Silver (明明 demo version) - 郭偉亮 (Eric Kwok)
    2. Give me a hug (單車 demo version) - 柳重言 (Jim Lau)
    3. Anti (錯過 demo version) - 徐浩
    4. Sometimes (愛是懷疑 demo version) - 陳奐仁 (Hanjin Tan)
    5. Realize (下個他 demo version) - T-Ma
    6. No More Friends (無朋友 demo version) - 郭偉亮 (Eric Kwok)
    7. Hirafu (遠在咫尺 demo version) - 郭偉亮 (Eric Kwok)
    8. Tevin campbell (Marry Me demo version) - 陳奐仁 (Hanjin Tan)

    Download Link
    Mp3 192kb
    45.7 MB.rar
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