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  • Posted by : `ﻮíק Oct 9, 2016

    [Album] 零 Zero - Phoenix Ho
    Artist: Phoenix Ho
    Title: 零 Zero
    Release Date: 2015-11-18
    Genre: 音樂演奏
    Label: 獨立發行
    Language: Mandarin

    # Title
    1. 小暑 Slight Heat
    2. 夏夜螢火蟲 Summer fireflies
    3. 愛慕 amour
    4. 春之森 Crystal Singing Bowls
    5. 追 Chasing 2:29
    6. 十方相聚 Forum Gathering
    7. 鼓.舞 Drum to the Phoenix
    8. 秋分 the Autumnal Equinox
    9. 蓮花.仙子 Ren & Elf
    10. 好好愛自己 Love yourself

    Download Link
    Mp3 192kb
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