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  • Posted by : `ﻮíק Dec 12, 2016

    Body n' Soul Concert - 胡琳Bianca Wu
    Artist: 胡琳Bianca Wu
    Title: Body n' Soul Concert
    Released: 2016-08-10
    Genre: Cpop
    Label: LMC Music
    Language: Cantonese

    # Title CD1
    1. 畢加索 (Live)
    2. 滲 (Live)
    3. Dream a Little Dream of Me (Live)
    4. Cheek to Cheek (Live)
    5. 傻癡癡 (Live)
    6. 愛不完 (Live)
    7. 他 (Live)
    8. 醒來 (Live)
    9. 冬至 (Live)
    10. 葡萄成熟時 (Live)
    # Title CD2
    1. 金色之夏 (Live)
    2. 第四晚心情 / 餓狼傳說 (Live)
    3. 香薰 (Live)
    4. Smooth Operator (Live)
    5. 月半彎 (Live)
    6. 人魚之歌 (Live)
    7. How Deep Is Your Love (Live)
    8. 分分鐘需要你 (Live)
    9. 最愛是誰 (Live) 胡琳;林子祥
    10. Make My Day (Live) 胡琳;林子祥
    # Title CD3
    1. Man in the Mirror (Live)
    2. 快樂頌 (Live)
    3. 綠野聲蹤 (Live)
    4. All I Want for X'mas Is You (Live)
    5. 東風 (Live)
    6. 被窩 (Live)

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    Mp3 320kb
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