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  • Posted by : `ﻮíק Dec 11, 2016

    [OST] 돌아와요 아저씨 / Please Come Back, Mister - Various Artist
    Artist: Various Artist
    Title: 돌아와요 아저씨 OST / Please Come Back, Mister OST
    Released: 2016-Apr-28
    Genre: OST
    Label: CJ E&M (씨제이이앤엠 주식회사)
    Language: Korean

    Disc 1 Title Artist
    1. Again
    2. Feel Alive Topp Dogg
    3. Feel Alive (Rap Ver.) Topp Dogg
    4. Moon Light Son Ho Young
    5. Because It's Love
    6. Eyes Shut
    눈을 감아도
    Lee Hyun
    7. Sadness of Love
    사랑의 슬픔
    Na Yoon Kwon
    8. Uncle Various Artist
    9. Spring of Life
    인생의 봄날
    Various Artist
    10. Heaven's Train
    Various Artist
    11. Uncle K Various Artist
    Disc 2 Title Artist
    1. Back Then
    Ho Joon (호준) of Topp Dogg
    2. X-Out Ryu Ji Hyun (류지현)
    3. You
    Sang Do (상도) and Ho Joon (호준) of Topp Dogg
    4. Two Faces Kim Soo Yun (김수연), Jung Seul Gi (정슬기)
    5. Falling In Love Sang Do (상도) of Topp Dogg
    6. Even Just For One Day
    단 하루라도
    Kim Soo Yun (김수연)
    7. Department Comic Various Artist
    8. Han’s Life Various Artist
    9. Armageddon Various Artist
    10. Life Style Various Artist
    11. Remembering You Various Artist
    12. Heaven Tension Various Artist

    Download Link
    Mp3 320kb
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